Annick Goutal skincare

Annick Goutal's Créme SplendideAnnick Goutal skincare doesn’t only look good in its packaging, it is serious skin care. Don’t always take the obvious route of established favourites like Clarins, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Chanel or DiorAnnick Goutal skincare has benefits for all skin types that would surprise even the most knowledgeable customer.

There are only 14 different products each one uniquely containing active rose serum distilled from the petals. All are simple and easy to use.

I want to talk about Crème Spendide which contains rose oil and shea butter. It is particularly useful as it is for all skin types which helps if you are not sure about yours. Skin conditions can change through life. It absorbs immediately and isn’t greasy. Instant results will delight you. It’s high in vitamins A, B5, C, E and F, zinc, magnesium and calcium and fights against free radicals – it will also hold your make-up. It smells of a fresh, green, morning rose. Most importantly, it’s anti-aging and revitalising.

£80 for 60ml – is it worth the money?

Yes and No. The variety of minerals and vitamins push up the price but you can find cheaper products on the market. I understand that many people would choose the more established companies but I have tried this product and would recommend it. For lovers of quality skincare who still haven’t found what they’re looking for it’s worth trying and may really suit you.

15 thoughts on “Annick Goutal skincare

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  2. Lea Lancey says:

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  3. Kendra Ludwig says:

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  4. Retinol a says:

    £80 is a lot of money just for those vitamins. I mean I know it probably works good but you can probably get other products with vitamin A, C, E, and all those a lot cheaper I bet.

  5. shercy ramos says:

    Asian skin sometimes is very sensitive, and sometimes products like this will cause allergic reactions. Is this product hypo-allergenic? I hope this has been tested to suit all skin types, as what you’ve said. I love the combination of the vitamins in one cream and the fact that it smells good too.

  6. Jacksonville says:

    Most of the things I have tried actually dry out my skin rather than heal it. Jurlique is really good, but hard to find and expensive!
    I’ll try Annick Goutal next time I see it, or can get my hands on it.

  7. Ulu says:

    I actually think I saw this in a Duty Free shop at an airport recently. My mom uses it and loves it.

  8. azz says:

    Hi, where can i buy the creme in London? I searched everywhere but i cannot find it.

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