Buxom Big & Healthy lip plumping lipsticks and lip glosses

buxom lipstickI am happy to present to you my latest discovery – I have found some amazing goodies in funky packages with colours to suit every one complete with tingling sensations for plumped soft moistorised lips!

Their slogan is “Buxom always kisses on the first date” – well, I don’t know about that, I am a bit old fashioned you see. But, one thing I know for sure, you would definitely want to kiss those lips and not just on the first date. They’re packed with antioxidant vitamins A and E that make your lips truly irresistable, voluptious, soft, smooth and so kissable…

OK, a bit more about these lipsticks that are actually lipliners as well. They last all day long but don’t dry your lips out and feel like a velvety lip balm! How amazing is that? And the packaging is just great – it doesn’t look like any old lipstick – it looks like a really cool pen from outer space and the colours are named after cities! I am a proud owner of Las Vegas which is – guess? – a lovely candy pink! Barcelona is a scarlet apple – how yummy is that? And San Francisco, a dusty mauve. I did look for London as well, but it wasn’t anywhere to be seen, so I wondered whether they make it and apparently they do, I saw it on their website, I guess I just wasn’t lucky.


Normally I am not a fan of bright colours on my lips, in fact I’m scared of colours. Can you imagine? They just magically transformed me! I want all those colours. You won’t be disappointed!

buxom lip glossesFor those who prefer lip glosses they are just as good. So you can either wear those with Buxom lipstics for an extra umph and plump or just on their own. They are long lasting as well as plumping with a good colour pigment. The lip glosses each have girl’s names – mine is called Betty.

And you can see the colours with pictures of girls in seductive little numbers like they just stepped out of Moulin Rouge or Burlesque. I even wondered whether I should choose one because I liked the girl’s name rather than the colour of the lipgloss lol.

And yeah the prices, both the lipstics and the lipglosses cost $18 which is about £12?

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