Happy Spirit fragrance from Chopard

Happy Spirit fragrance from ChopardSad to say that Happy Spirit is very disappointingly ordinary. When I first smelt it I was like, “well, OK, but nothing to pull you in”. It is one of these fragrances you don’t feel the need to purchase. Some customers may get it for the sake of buying something new. I wouldn’t spend £40 for 50ml which was the price in Harrods where it was exclusively sold for a while.

The heart shaped bottle must have increased sales over the Valentine’s period but I think it’s tacky.

7 thoughts on “Happy Spirit fragrance from Chopard

  1. shercy ramos says:

    This is not worth the price. It’s too expensive, yet it it does not satisfy the consumer. I think it’s the heart packaging that just made it sellable. Well, don’t judge the perfume by it’s bottle.

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