Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture

Juicy CoutureNow you can smell like Juicy girl! With top notes of watermelon, mandarin, and pink passion fruit combined with fresh marigold and green apple, further enhanced by a splash of water hyacinth and crushed leaves. Heart notes of couture tuberose absolute wrapped in wild rose with princess lily and creamy tuberose. Base notes of caramel créme brulée and vanilla come together with the elegance of precious woods and patchouli.

Light, floral and fruity but it doesn’t last long. It reminds me of a cheap Princess Marina De Bourbon fragrance. The girlie packaging is something that Barbie would like.

25 thoughts on “Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture

  1. Cejugas says:

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  2. Owens Roofing says:

    I’m sure my daughter would love this. She is a great fan of pink color. It looks like there are a lot of natural fruity smells mixture there. I wonder it would smell all that natural too.

  3. shercy ramos says:

    I would still prefer scents that lasts long. Some scents that stay even after a hard day’s work. It’s scary to smell fruity in the morning then after all the mixing with sweat, pollution, cigarette smoke, the fusion of scents would just want to make you vomit. I prefer a stronger one that stays.

  4. Music Production says:

    “Watermelon, mandarin, and pink passion fruit” … reminds me of a girlfriend I had in Brazil. Next time I am at a chemist, will sample the fragrance. Will check if those good memories come flooding back. And if they do, will buy it and prepare myself for that special next one.

  5. Beauty says:

    I’m just rying to imagine what watermelon, mandarin, and pink passion fruit combined with fresh marigold and green apple, further enhanced by a splash of water hyacinth and crushed leaves would smell like….very refreshing and summery…Ummmmmmmm

  6. resham says:

    i have seen different packings of this JC perfume. one is juicy viva something. Other ones are all same??

  7. Angel says:

    Dannii, I hope you can get some more.

    relojes de lujo, please let me know if you’ve tried it. Sometimes it’s good to change!

  8. relojes de lujo says:

    i like fruity fragance, above all mandarin…
    i think this fragance must be smooth, delicate and exquisite..I like to try it some day, but always I use de same fragance, maybe this fragance could be a good option to change..

  9. Dannii says:

    I absoloutly LOVE this perfume. I had it for a chrismas presant 2 years ago and since then im atticted to it.

  10. Qaswer says:

    I like that ingredient part of fragrances that is called watermelon. I have smelled most popular essences and all of them have that. Anyhow thanks for the introduction to new fragrance.

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