Limited edition make-up set by Emilio Pucci from Guerlain

Emilio Pucci pearls

This set is attractively packaged with Emilio Pucci‘s trademark gorgeous swirls. Firstly, we have Météorites Pearls. Guerlain‘s famous pearls now in different shades which glow, brighten and freshen your appearance.

The Eye-Set has four eye-shadows, two Kohl-liner pencils and a lengthening and curving mascara. It is perfect to take on a summer trip as they are exactly the colours you need for your fresh summer look.

Finally there are the sparkling lip glosses and radiant blush. The blush has to be applied with fingers as it is a mousse and is a disappointment because glitter inevitably ends up sticking to your fingers. The glosses are pink, peach, azur blue and gold. I like the pink and peach with a bit of frost in them. I’m not so keen on the gold and blue!

But either the Eye-Set or the Météorites Pearls are a “must-have” for this summer.

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