Wish Turquoise by Chopard

Wish Turquoise by ChopardWhat a pretty bottle! You just want to touch it, hold it, have it on your dressing table! One of my light, fresh summer fragrances.

If you want to have something new and nice for summer then go for it.

£35 for 50ml which is a resonable price.

4 thoughts on “Wish Turquoise by Chopard

  1. shercy ramos says:

    The bottle is very pretty, alright. But isn’t this prone to falling? It looks like it will roll down a table and the glass can easily slip from your grasp. I want to smell good, I don’t want to be ending up cleaning up scattered glass pieces even if the whole room will smell so good.

  2. nfl draft says:

    I am surprised to watch the design of bottle.It is fascinating me and the price is also reasonable then it doesn’t make any difference either the smell is nose-catching or not.I’ll give it a try.

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